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Our breeding

The breeding

Our breeding goal

The breeding objective describes the desired characteristics and traits that a dog breeder strives for in the targeted reproduction of his dogs. This is not only about the outer appearance, but also about character traits and health.

Responsibility and care

We approach the breeding of our Dobermans with great responsibility and care. It is important to us that our breeding dogs are free from genetic diseases and other health problems, so that the puppies are also healthy.

Socialisation and training

Our breeding also aims to maintain and improve the standard of the Doberman breed to maintain breed quality. We carry out extensive socialisation and training of the puppies to ensure that they can be successfully integrated into your family and environment.

No overproduction

We are equally concerned that Dobermans are not overbred, as this can cause health problems and lead to the overproduction of puppies that may not find good homes.

The breeding

Our puppies

We take care of the intensive care of the puppies together around the clock, so that the development is optimally promoted in the first 8-9 weeks.

Unsere Welpen werden in dieser Zeit mit den alltäglichen Dingen des Lebens im Haus und Garten konfrontiert. Somit erhalten sie eine positive und umfangreiche Prägung auf die Umwelt. Entsprechend ist das Fundament für einen guten Start ins Leben gelegt und so können sie gut geprägt zu ihren neuen Familien ziehen.

When the puppies are handed over, it is important to pass on the most important basic principles to the prospective owners, which is why breeding does not end with the handing over of the puppies, but is a long-term task.

Saying goodbye to our puppies is always very difficult for us, but we are always happy to hear from our "babies" or to see them again. Of course we are also happy to receive photos and information about their development.

We always remain the contact person for our puppy buyers...throughout the dog's life and maybe even beyond.

Our A-litter

Our A-litter saw the light of day on 14.05.2020.
There are 5 males and 4 females, all very lively and busy at the milk bar.

Dobermann vom Schwansee - Unsere Welpen aus dem A-Wurf
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Our B-litter

On 16.05.2020 Quinoa gave birth to her B-litter. There are 4 males and 1 female.
Dobermann vom Schwansee - Unsere Welpen aus dem B-Wurf
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The breeding

Our litter planning

We plan each litter very carefully and choose the male for our bitch conscientiously. It doesn't matter to us how far we have to travel to visit the suitable male. It is much more important to us what the future father of our puppies has to offer. We pay special attention to his character, his breed-typical appearance and, of course, his health.

We are planning our C - litter for spring 2024.

If you are interested in a puppy from our kennel, please contact us as soon as possible.

The breeding

General information about the Dobermann breed

In order to breed a Doberman, different breeds were crossed, including German Shepherd, Rottweiler and Pinscher. The result was a dog that learned quickly, was intelligent and had a high energy rate.

The Doberman was originally used as a guard dog and has evolved over the years into a versatile dog that is used in many areas, including as a companion dog, search and rescue dog, police dog and even as a therapy dog.

It is important to note that the breeding of the Doberman has been controversial over the years. Some people have expressed concerns that breeding has been selective for certain traits, which could lead to health problems. Therefore, it is important that breeders select carefully and pay attention to the health of their breeding animals.

Overall, the Doberman is a unique and versatile breed that has been created through the careful breeding of different dog breeds.

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