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Who we are?

Our dream

What's better than a Doberman? Exactlytwo Dobermans!

According to this motto, we live our dream in Eckstedt , a small town between Erfurt and Sömmerda.

We are André, Denise and our two Dobermans Nani and Betty. Our dogs live with us in the family and that's how our puppies grow up too.

Im Jahr 2012 kam unser erster Dobermann mit dem Namen Nero zu uns. Wir waren total schockverliebt. Er war ein toller Rüde und es war klar, dass wir mit ihm den Gebrauchshundesport ausprobieren wollten.

The love of dog sports

How could it be otherwise, I made every beginner mistake one could have made. But luckily we got great help from experienced dog sports people. And so, after the bumpy start, we were able to progress quickly and discover a love for dog sports.

We passed the companion dog test, the breeding suitability test and also the tracking test. We still had a lot of plans, but unfortunately everything turned out quite differently.

The happiness did not last long, as Nero left us far too soon. After Nero was no longer with us, a big void opened up.

Quinoa - our little bundle of joy

We were sure that we would have to get a Doberman again.

We quickly found what we were looking for and Quinoa moved in with us. We were absolutely thrilled with this little bundle of joy and finally there was life in our four walls again. She developed splendidly.

It was quickly decided that this great bitch belonged in the breed. And so Quinoa laid the foundation stone for our Dobermannzwinger “vom Schwansee“.

After we passed all breeding-related health examinations and tests with flying colours, we were looking forward to the next adventureof breeding.

Aloha Nani and Betty Baldur

- the daughters of Quinoa

And today, Aloha Nani and Betty Baldur, two daughters of Quinoa, live with us. We can't imagine our lives without dog sports, because it's simply great to work with our own dog as a team and to develop together. And breeding? Yes, it is a fulfilment and enrichment in our lives.

Every litter is a unique experienceevery single time. It is fascinating to be able to experience the birth of new life. The birth of the puppies is an indescribable feeling every time.

We can no longer imagine life without a Dobermann.