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The best friend for you and your family

Since 2012 we have developed a great love for Dobermans. Since 2019 we are also active in breeding. We guarantee that we prepare our puppies for life in the best possible way.

Our dogs

Ob jung ob alt, wir begrüßen alle Dobermannfreunde und die, die es noch werden wollen. Lass Dich von uns mit auf eine Reise durch die Welt unserer Dobermänner nehmen, die uns seit über 12 Jahren begleiten. Lerne diese Hunderasse kennen und lieben.

 We hope to be able to welcome you in person soon.

Your family Augner

The Doberman

Learn all about the breed, how to raise your Doberman and how to live a long and
healthy life through good care and training.

Dobermann vom Schwansee - Unsere Dobermann-Damen Aloha Nani und Quinoa

Today, the Doberman is a worldwide recognised breed and is used for various purposes. Read here about the origin of this great breed.

Dobermann vom Schwansee - Ein Herz in deiner Familie

To ensure that education and training are effective and your dog learns the skills and behaviours you want, here are some tips.

Dobermann vom Schwansee - Unsere Dobermann-Dame Betty Baldur

Dobermans are intelligent and active dogs that need proper care to stay healthy and happy.

Dobermann vom Schwansee - Dobermann-Welpe mit Papa

Our breeding history

We take care of the intensive care of the puppies together around the clock, so that the development is optimally promoted in the first 8-9 weeks.

During this time, our puppies are confronted with the everyday things of life in the house and garden. Thus they receive a positive and extensive imprint on the environment. Accordingly, the foundation for a good start in life is laid and so they can move to their new families well formed.

Dobermann vom Schwansee - Dobermann-Welpe

Why is a Doberman the best
breed for you?

Dobermans are a perfect dog breed because of their intelligence, attraction, loyalty, protective and alert abilities, as well as their energy and stamina. If you are looking for a loyal and protective companion that can also be a great family dog, then a Doberman is the ideal choice.

Easily educable
Suitable as a guard dog

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